Piercing Supplies: Forceps

Forceps are used in the medical field by doctors when performing surgery, allowing adjustable tension to be set so that tissue is held to assist in a medical procedure.  In body piercing, forceps are primarily used as a means of holding tissue that has been designated for piercing.  Once the exact spot to be pierced has been determined, a pair of forceps (also referred to as ‘clamps’) can be fastened in a way that will secure the spot for accurate (and sometimes less painful) piercing.

The types of forceps used vary, along with their sizes and material composition.  The most durable forceps are made of surgical grade stainless steel and can be autoclaved and re-used.  Other forceps are made of plastic and are intended for single-use.  No matter what forceps or tools you use, make sure that all of your body piercing supplies are always sterilized prior to use.


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