This is Part I of a series dedicated to informing our readers on the various tools and supplies used in body piercing.   Today’s article is dedicated to the single most important tool a body piercer must have; the  needle.  Body piercing needles are made of stainless steel and bevel cut, meaning they are cut at an angle so that there is a rounded, smooth surface tapering to a razor-sharp tip.  Body piercing needles are also  hollow and should always be sterile before using.

Body piercing needles should never be re-used or recycled, the same as tattoo needles.  This is because that besides being considered a bio-hazard (capable of carrying and transferring diseases such as AIDS, Hepatitis, MSRA and other blood-borne diseases) the needles become dull after use.  Always make sure your body piercer or tattoo artist is using new needles that are pre-sterilized and come out of a package.  Never be afraid to ask questions or voice your concerns regarding body piercing supplies with your body artist, as your very life depends on it.


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