Having the right tools and correct body jewelry is crucial for any body piercing.  Professional body piercers know that not having the correct type of forceps, or correct gauge and type of sterile body jewelry can lead to disasterous results.  As a client, you may not even know if your piercer is using what he or she should be using for your piercing, but there are some things to look for.

First, ask to see everything your piercer is going to use for your piercing before they start.  Most legit body piercers will have no problems showing you not only their credentials but also the sterile condition of the needle, tools, and body jewelry they are going to use.  Secondly, have them explain the process to you so you understand exactly what is going to happen, and make sure they give you comprehensive instructions for aftercare.  If you are self-piercing, make sure you purchase a body piercing kit from a respected supplier, and that the kit includes sterile body jewelry as well as sterile forceps, needles and skin prep materials.


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