Possibly the most familiar type of body jewelry in use today is the captive bead ring, or CBR.  The captive bead ring consists of a ‘ring’ that is circular in design, to resemble a perfectly circular ring.  The ring of the CBR is open at one end where a small steel ball that features tiny indentations is suspended, giving the illusion of a solid piece.

Originally, Captive Bead Rings were only available in circular shapes.  Now, triangular, square and hexagonal shaped CBR’s are offered.  In piercing, CBR’s are used as initial body jewelry for various piercings, including the nipples and for female genital piercings.  Before a captive bead ring can be used for piercing, it must be ‘opened’ with ring opening pliers, then closed with ring closing pliers.  These types of tools can be found from sellers of professional body piercing supplies.


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