Any professional body piercer knows that when it comes to tolerating pain, each client is different and has varying degrees of tolerance to pain (also known as a pain ‘threshold’).  It is true that pain (or the experience of feeling pain) is subjective, and in truth, there is no actual pain to fell but an ‘interpretation’ that is done inside the brain based upon varying degrees of nervous stimuli.  Just as we do not actually ‘see’ our world around us (and it is interpreted through our brains), it is also true that we do not actually ‘feel’ pain either.

That established, the question posed here is really not so much if men feel more or less pain than women do, but which gender handles pain better.  There have been actual studies that show that women possess a higher ‘threshold’ of pain than men do.  It is theorized that as a species, we have evolved so that reproduction is not only crucial to our survival as a species, but that (unlike other primates) we are able to procreate at any time (unlike fellow animal beings that must be in ‘season’ to do so) and are able to engage in sexual activities for pleasure’s sake only.  This ability to handle (and tolerate) pain better than men is proven on a regular basis in body art establishments the world over.  If you are a professional body piercer, you know that it is men (far more often than women) that struggle over how much a  body piercing is going to hurt.  And it is also men more often than not who choose to forgo the procedure so they might ‘think about it’, promising to come back later.  Maybe it’s because women are more practical about making sacrifices for beauty and see the momentary pain as a justifiable means to an end.

So to the wonderful and very necessary creatures we call men, remember this; it will be over before you know it, and afterward, you’ll have a brave story to tell the guys you know that are still putting it off 🙂


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