For the most part, getting a body piercing is not that big of a deal.  Ear piercing is a form of body piercing, and is done routinely in salons and department stores daily.  Getting a body piercing should not be a traumatic experience.  Instead, when proper techniques are followed and proper body piercing supplies and sterile materials are used, there is a very high chance of success without complications.

However, there are times you should not undergo a body piercing, even from a professional body piercer.  Those times are when you are ill, pregnant, fasting or intoxicated.  Being ill interferes with your regenerative system and can prolong healing, or manifest in excessive swelling.  Pregnancy endangers the unborn child and should never be done.  If you are intoxicated or drunk, your judgment is impaired and alcohol can cause excessive bleeding.  Make sure you have eaten within 6 hours of getting pierced, otherwise, you are more prone to fainting.  When possible, always put your body into the hands of a trained and registered body piercing professional.


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