Professional Body Piercing Kit
Professional Body Piercing Kit

If you have made the decision to become a professional body piercer, congratulations!  The body art industry is booming and in desperate need of certified body piercers.  A professional body piercer can easily make over $100.00 per hour, and enjoy a growing customer base year after year, no matter where they live.

Whether you are self-taught or an apprentice to a professional body piercer, the first step is to purchase your own piercing equipment and supplies.  You will need all the sterile body jewelry, tools and skin preparation materials used by professional piercers in order to learn your craft properly.   A great way to get everything you will need is to purchase a professional piercing kit.  Most apprentice body piercers will look for everything they will need in a single starter body piercing kit, sold in a range of sizes and tool configurations to suit your needs.

When choosing a professional body piercing kit, the first  important thing to pay attention to is what is actually included in the kit.  Does it include the option of getting the body jewelry already sterilized and pouched?  Does it include the proper tools you will need to properly pierce all major areas of the body.  How many actual piercings can be done with the kit?  Does the kit include streaming unlimited access instructional videos and a start-up aftercare booklet?  What kind of prep materials are included, and is there any bonus jewelry or items included?  Be careful of kits that include ear piercing guns and studs, since they are actually ear piercing kits with a few needles thrown in.  Be aware of where the kit is coming from (many kits sold online are coming from China and can take weeks or months to reach you, if at all…).  Also, if the piercing kit you are interested in has a carrying case, make sure the case is steel reinforced, not plastic, which tends to break with extended use.


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