In the body art industry, there are many sellers that want to sell you body piercing supplies.  These sellers can be found on ebay, through web searches and on shopping sites.  Although the products they offer may appear to be the same, there can be vast differences in both quality, end price and service.

The vast majority of companies online require minimum order amounts (usually 100 dollars or more) and charge shipping fees with hidden handling fees built in.  However, there is one company we’ve found that stands above the rest by selling only top quality body piercing supplies and that does not require order minimums to get their end pricing.  Also, this company is the only online seller we’ve found that does not charge shipping fees of any kind (within the USA), and who stands behind their products with a return policy that allows exchanges for any merchandise found to be defective.  Before you buy, make sure you have looked carefully at the companies’ shipping and return policies so you won’t get stuck in the end.


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