Safe and Sterile Body Piercing Kit

There are many people selling body piercing kits online.  The problem is, the vast majority of body piercing kits that are sold are offered by people that are not professional body piercers and thus, do not know what is really needed to perform a body piercing safely.  Such individuals (or companies) are not interested in you (or your client’s) safety – they are only interested in your money.

To perform a body piercing safely and successfully, a body piercing kits should include the following items; a sterile hollow piercing needle that is the same gauge as the body jewelry you wish to insert, skin preparation materials (i.e. alcohol or benzalkonium chloride towelettes or swabs), forceps (if needed), and most important of all – sterile body jewelry.  If a body piercing kit you are looking at does not have sterile, pre-pouched body jewelry (and it will say ‘sterile body jewelry’ in the description if it does since it is much more costly to provide sterilized body jewelry for the supplier), it is not a safe body piercing kit.  Remember, if the body jewelry does not come in a sterile, color-change indicating pouch, it is not sterile and should not be used in a fresh piercing!  If you want professionally designed, sterile body piercing kits, check out this leading supplier of body piercing supplies and body piercing kits.


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