Professional Starter Body Piercing Kit includes 720 pieces

If you are starting a career as a body piercer you will need to purchase all of the needles, body jewelry, prep and tools needed to perform a variety of body piercings.  These items can usually be found in what is called a ‘starter’ body piercing kit.  However, not all starter kits are created equal.  Many starter kits do not provide an adequate amount of needles, body jewelry or prep materials and instead will include ear piercing guns and ear studs in lieu of actual body piercing materials.

Be aware of the vast difference in both price and items included, and make sure what you are purchasing includes either sterile body jewelry (pre-pouched and ready to use) or that you have access to an autoclave to sterilize the body jewelry you receive.  We found a leading body art supply company that offers a variety of starter kits that are designed by professional body piercers for apprentice body piercers.  These kits give you the option to receive the body jewelry either factory new or pre-sterilized, and do not load up their kits with unnecessary items that can either be purchased at your local drug store nor do they include cheap Chinese ear piercing guns and studs.  For more information on finding the right starter body piercing kit check the link provided.


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