To many, a tattoo can have deep sentimental value, sometimes referring to a person in their life, or who who has passed on.  Body piercing on the other hand, may not seem as personal or have the emotional impact of a tattoo design, yet it can be very meaningful to the person who possesses it.  Body modifications for centuries have carried with them religious, spiritual and even sexual symbolic meanings.  Now, the proliferation of body piercing has made the practice so common that it appears to have lost some of it’s ritualistic value.

We at the welcome your comments as to what your body piercings mean to you.  Why did you get your piercing?  Was it for looks, or was it for added sexual stimulation?  Or did your body piercing symbolize something deeper, or even spiritual to you?  We’d like to hear your thoughts and experiences on this subject and will incorporate some of our reader’s stories into future articles.


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