Throughout the years, learning a form of body art has been something taught exclusively through apprenticeship with a master tattooist or body piercer.  While body art is a technique that can be taught and perfected to a great degree, it is best to develop the skills necessary over a long period of time, in an unhurried and stress-free atmosphere.  Body piercing (as with tattooing) should also be done only when the adequate knowledge gained can accompany strict guidance by a peer or mentor, until one has the confidence and ability to carry forth on their own.

The concept of offering courses for body art online is new and a direct product of the tough economic times and the desire to start a new career quickly that guarantees a good wage.  Unlike the courses (or apprenticeships) that are conducted in person (live) with the students at a shop or classroom where hands-on teaching and supervision can be offered, several online companies have sprung up that promise competency in body art as well as enabling you to fulfill the requirements mandated by health departments nationwide – all without ever leaving your computer.  These online courses may inform you and give you some insight as to how certain techniques are performed, but they cannot prepare you completely for actual body piercing, nor will they count towards any requirements you must meet to become certified.  If you do take any online courses for body art, keep firmly in mind that before you will be able to legally perform body piercings, you will still need direct, hands-on experience to supplement your online knowledge, as well as pay for and attend (in person) an accredited course in bloodborne pathogens that has been approved by your county health department.  You will also need the correct tools, sterile body jewelry and skin preparation found in a starter body piercing kit.


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