The first piece of body jewelry that is inserted into a fresh piercing is the most crucial.  Using the wrong type can lead to irritation, infection, migration or even total rejection by the body.  Initial body jewelry, above all else, should always be autoclave sterilized and pouched to insure sterility, only opened immediately before insertion after the piercing has been done.

The standard type of piercing jewelry used in the United States is 316L Surgical Stainless Steel.  For customers that have severe allergies to nickel, PTFE or Titanium should be used.  In fact, in most parts of the United Kingdom, Titanium has become instituted as the material used for initial piercing jewelry.  If your customer has any reactions or known allergies to metals, it is always recommended that you used either PTFE (a type of teflon, also known as bio-flex) or Grade 23 Titanium body jewelry.


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