The practice of body piercing has become common amongst people of all ages, races, and regions.  Body piercing has gone beyond trendy or experimental and is now practiced so widely that it has become a permanent form of self expression.  Indeed, more people than ever before are having their noses, navels and lips pierced.  Body piercing is now more common than tattoos, with most people having multiple body piercings in their ears, nose, eyebrows, lips, tongue and navels.

The body piercing phenomenon may be due to the fact that body piercings are not permanent and that if the devotee changes their mind, the hole will usually heal and close up with removal of the body jewelry.  This ability for piercings to be ‘undone’ is in stark contrast to tattoos, which cannot be reversed.  Also, body piercing is far less expensive of an undertaking (compared to a tattoo).

Only a couple years ago it used to be that people would look at you strangely if you had a body piercing.  Now, you may find yourself getting stared at for not having a body piercing 🙂


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