Autoclave Sterilized Body Jewelry

One of the first decisions a body piercer must make is in regards to their piercing tools.  Health Departments around the country require that a professional body piercer use sterilized needles, tools, and body jewelry at all times.  If you re-use your tools, you will need an autoclave sterilizer and ultrasonic cleaner at your disposal to properly sterilize your tools before use.  Autoclaves must be spore-tested regularly by an outside laboratory which issues either a ‘pass’ or ‘fail’ grade for each test.  Tools that are to be re-used should be run through an ultrasonic cleaner prior to using the autoclave, so any particles or debris can be removed.

Since autoclaves can cost upwards of two thousand dollars, and cleaning, pouching and spore testing can be very time-consuming, many body piercers choose to purchase their body piercing supplies already sterilized and pouched, ready to use.  You can purchase your supplies in either a body piercing kit form, or you can purchase needles, tools (disposable plastic forceps, etc. etc.) as well as body jewelry in bulk quantities from reputable sellers of body art supplies.  If you purchase in bulk, the cost can be nominal, and the time you will save from cleaning and processing your own supplies will result in more time to spend with your customers.


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