One of the most commonly performed genital piercings is the clitoral hood piercing.  This piercing consists of a small gauge (usually no larger than 16g) needle that pierces the small covering of skin that shields the clitoris from direct stimulation (also known as the hood).  There are two types of clitoral hood piercings; Vertical Clitoral Hood (VCH) and Horizontal Clitoral Hood piercings, or (HCH).  The most preferred procedure of the two is the VCH piercing.  This piercing is generally done by pulling back and upward on the tissue of the hood so that the clitoris is exposed and there is a ‘gap’ created that the needle can slide into so that it will pierce through the end of the hood, creating a vertical piercing that allows body jewelry to be worn the length of the hood.

The clitoral hood piercing is not the most dangerous or difficult genital piercing, but it is tricky and should not be attempted by novices.  Also, this type of genital piercing can easily be done on most women (unlike the clitoris piercing).   Once healed (it takes generally takes up to 4 weeks time) you can wear various curved and straight barbells or other body jewelry that is specifically designed for this type of piercing.  This type of piercing provides minimal pain during the procedure and maximum benefit through increased stimulation and heightened sensitivity.


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