Nipple piercings are fast becoming very popular for women and even men.  A nipple is a type of body piercing that is performed with a straight hollow piercing needle and commonly done with forceps that apply pressure to the nipples, helping with accuracy as well as a way of distracting the client from the pain of the needle penetrating the nipple.  As mentioned in a previous article,  the second nipple always hurts more than the first nipple, due to the body’s shock reflex and hyper-sensitivity that occurs after the first nipple has been pierced.

One method that can be utilized by professional piercers is to pierce both nipples simultaneously, with two piercers at once.  If done properly, it can minimize the pain felt by the client by removing the two-step process, compressing everything into one moment that can be timed through a reverse three-count.  Another trick that minimizes discomfort is to insert the body jewelry through the piercing before removing the forceps.  If you are unsure how your body piercer is going to pierce your nipples, feel free to ask them.  If you are getting both nipples pierced, maybe there is another body piercer can assist and do both at the same time.

Once healed, pierced nipples have been known to provide added stimulation during foreplay and sex, and with the right kind of body jewelry worn in them, can even produce pleasant sensations under clothing.  There is a myriad of nipple jewelry available in steel, plastics and gold.  As in many things in life, when it comes to nipple piercing, no pain – no gain.


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