If you are novice piercer, or starting your apprenticeship in body piercing, you know the value of videos in helping you to learn your craft.  The problem is, the few sellers of instructional body piercing videos charge as much as 70 dollars for a single 10 minute video that shows you how to pierce a tongue!  If you don’t have 70 bucks to spend per video, where can you go to find the help you need?

There is one company out of all the ones we’ve contacted that sells high-quality piercing supplies and body piercing kits that includes unlimited access streaming videos free with any of their body piercing kits.  This company’s site can be accessed by clicking on this link for body piercing kits, where you will find the highest-quality piercing supplies, sterile body jewelry and body piercing kits available on the market today.  Also, they back everything they sell with a no-questions asked policy and even offer bonus points with every purchase that can be used to redeem free merchandise.  Best of all, this is the only company we have found that offers 100% True Free Shipping on all their products (in the USA), with no minimum order requirement and no strings attached!


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