Navel Piercing

Many body art enthusiasts have claimed that body piercing can become addictive.  This may be because once someone has gone through and received a body piercing, they find it is usually not nearly as painful as they expected.  Once a first body piercing has been performed and healed, it is common to think about other areas to pierce.

Once considered a ‘fringe’ activity, body piercing has become mainstream and very commonplace amongst all races, genders and geographical regions of the world.  A body piercing can easily be performed through the purchase of a body piercing kit, or by visiting a professional body piercer.  There are many benefits to having a body piercing, not only for appearance, but some piercings can actually enhance sensation during sex.  These piercings consist mainly of nipple and genital piercings, and are the most painful types of body piercings.  Make sure before you get any kind of body piercing that you have thought it through and consulted with your body piercer for the pros and cons of the piercing you are considering.


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