One of the most difficult things to discern when purchasing a body piercing kit or other body piercing supplies is knowing if what you are buying is truly sterile.  Piercing needles, disposable forceps and most other factory-sealed items are usually sterilized through the use of E.O. Gas (ethylene oxide) method.  The other major type of sterilization is steam or pressure sterilization, done in an autoclave.  Most body jewelry and other non-factory sterilized items used in body art are sterilized in autoclaves that incorporate color-change indicator pouches that have an area or word that changes colors when submitted to the pressure necessary for sterilization.

Make sure that the needles, forceps and body jewelry are all sterilized BEFORE using them in a body piercing.  If you are purchasing these items in a body piercing kit or from an online seller, make sure what you are getting has been properly sterilized by the methods described above, and that the company can provide recent spore test results for their equipment.  Everything that is sterilized should be individually packaged, with sterilization dates and color-change indicators visible (see photo) to guarantee sterility.


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