Tongue Piercing

Once you’ve decided to get a body piercing, the most important thing becomes finding the right body piercer for you.  Try to go to a piercer that is recommended or well known in your area.  Good piercers will have a following of regular customers.  If you haven’t heard of any piercers in your area, go and check out some shops in person.   The first thing to note is the shop’s cleanliness – the piercing area should be clean in all aspects; floors, walls, chair, tools, etc. etc.  Feel free to ask to see their business license and any other credentials they have.  Also make sure that all body piercing supplies used at the shop are sterile, organized and kept in sterile pouches.  You should not see any needles, tools or body jewelry exposed to the air or outside a sterile pouch prior to piercing.  If you see anything to be used on you that is not coming out of a sterile pouch, leave immediately!

You should also be comfortable in the shop, not only with the overall cleanliness of the shop itself but with the piercer.  Feel free to ask questions regarding his/her experience, what type of jewelry they use or what techniques they use for various piercings.  If the piercer is legitimate, they will not mind answering your questions.  If they do not look clean, or become annoyed with your questioning, it would be a good idea to find another piercer who you are comfortable with.

Make sure you are absolutely comfortable with both the shop atmosphere and the piercer, for optimal piercing results you should be completely relaxed and alert.  Lastly, it is not a good idea to drink alcohol before getting a piercing.  Although alcohol may act to lessen the pain experienced, it is not a good idea because it can cause excessive bleeding.


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