Professional Body Piercer

Professional body piercers are in high demand and can easily make upwards of over $100.00 per hour.  To become a professional body piercer you will need to do two primary things.  First, you must fulfill the requirements of the health department overseeing the county you will be piercing in.  Then, you will need to familiarize yourself with the tools, jewelry and procedures used in body piercing.  A great way to get everything you’ll need for your new career is with a professional starter body piercing kit .  These kits have the tools, prep materials, body jewelry and needles necessary for body piercing.  Try to find a starter kit that gives you everything you will need to do a good amount of piercings as well as instructional video access and aftercare guidelines.

You will also need to fulfill the requirements mandated by the county you live in.  Usually these involve registering with your county health department as a piercer, as well as completing an approved bloodborne pathogen training class (usually required yearly).  The other thing most health departments require is that you undergo a series of Hepatitis B vaccinations (usually three shots total).  Although there are online bloodborne pathogen courses that claim they are approved by health departments, they are not.  The easiest way to find an approved course is to contact your health department for their list of approved courses in your area.

The last thing you will need to do is practice body piercing under the supervision of a professional body piercer, for anywhere from 3 months to a year.  The best way to do this is through an apprenticeship, similar to a tattoo apprenticeship.  Not only will you learn proper piercing procedure, but you should learn proper sterilization procedures for tools, shop surfaces and how to use and autoclave.  Also pay attention to the business aspects of a shop’s operation; customer service, legal forms, and how to address client questions and concerns.   Most shops take on apprentices but do not pay them for the time they are learning.


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  1. I am interested in becoming a prefessional body piercer and i would like to find out more on how to become one.

  2. Well i am intersested in learing how to become a professional body piercer. how could i find out to become one.

  3. You can either apprentice yourself to a professional body piercer or teach yourself with a starter body piercing kit. Just make sure the kit you purchase is from a reputable company that includes instructional videos and information on licensing and permits needed to operate your new business.

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