Tongue piercing has become one of the most requested body piercings in practice today.  Those that have had their tongues pierced already know a strange fact about piercing the tongue; that it is one of the least painful body piercings you can get.  The reason for this is due to the fact that the nerves of the tongue are aligned mostly along the edge of the tongue, while the center area of the tongue (where piercings are performed) has relatively few pain receptors.

Many body piercers report that in many instances their clients are not even aware the needle has gone through, and must be told the piercing has been completed.  The bar size for a tongue piercing is suggested around 7/8 of an inch in length and 14g in thickness.  Proper aftercare of a tongue piercing will prevent infection, with full healing completed for this type of body piercing within about 4 to 5 weeks time.


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