Genital body piercings are gaining popularity for both men and women.  For ladies, the most popular genital piercing is the piercing of the inner and outer labia (minora and majora, respectively), followed by the clitoral hood piercing which can be done either horizontally or vertically.  For men, the popular choices are the Prince Albert and the Frenum piercing.   The Prince Albert is done through the outside of the frenulum and through the urethra.  The Frenum piercing is a piercing through the frenum that is done perpendicular to the penis shaft.

While it is true that many devotees of genital piercing claim increased sexual gratification and stimulation from their piercings, it is also true that genital and nipple piercings are the most painful body piercings you can receive.  Because many people (especially women) may not be comfortable with a stranger performing the piercing, there is a growing movement of piercing devotees that choose to do it at home with a body piercing kit.  Although it is possible to successfully self-pierce some body piercings, it is always advisable to consult a professional body piercer.


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