Body Piercing Kit with Sterile Body Jewelry

Finding the correct body piercing kit can be a daunting task considering how many kits there are available online.  The main variants on body piercing kits are the types of tools offered in them, if they include sterile body jewelry, and the price.  By law, professional body piercers must use sterile body piercing needles, sterile tools, and sterile body jewelry to avoid infection to their clients.

Make sure that the body piercing kit you chose to purchase has the right tools, needle size(s), prep materials (benzalkonium chloride as opposed to alcohol swabs) and STERILE body jewelry.  Many kit sellers will say their kits include sterile needles, but when it comes to the sterility of the body jewelry offered, it may not be readily apparent.  If you are not crystal clear on if you are actually getting sterile body jewelry in the kit you are considering, feel free to ask the seller to clarify it for you.  Also, if not readily accessible through their site, ask to see a copy of the seller’s recent spore test results to make sure they are in compliance on sterilization protocol.  Proper kits also should include Aftercare guidelines and video instructions, whether on DVD or streaming via web.


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