Although body piercings and modifications continue to become more acceptable in our society, there are still many people that do not embrace them.  In the work place, the policy varies wildly amongst employers as to what kinds of body modifications are allowed.  If you have recently got your first body piercing and your boss has made a comment about it or outright demanded you to remove it, you may be wondering what rights employers have in this area.

The fact of the matter is that when you are employed by a company, part of the implied ‘deal’ you have made is to adhere to any and all company policies.  Many companies will not mind your body piercings as long as they do not interfere with the type of work you are performing for them.  If you are in the food-service industry, having body piercings can be considered a health violation.  If you work in a non food-related job and wearing body jewelry or having a body piercing is not a liability to the customers or clients, you may be fine getting pierced.  The best policy is to always communicate with your boss and if you think there may be a chance that body modifications are an issue where you work (i.e. no one else seems to have any) ask before you get it done – just to be sure.  The fact is, your employer is well within their rights to dictate policy on uniform, dress or personal ‘adornments’ that are allowable.  Unless your boss is allowing body piercings with other employees (and not with you), they are acting within the law.


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