Ear stretching is becoming one of the fastest growing types of body modifications in practice today.  When ear stretching first started in the United States, it was almost exclusively practiced by males.  Now, you see as many girls stretching their ears as guys, due to the overall greater popularity of body piercing combined with the ever-increasing styles of body jewelry available.

The easiest way to begin stretching your ears is to use tapers (also known as stretchers) that taper off at one end, so that by inserting the piece through the ear opening, the hole is forced to ‘expand’.  You can start stretching from a standard ear-piercing hole, either by going to a professional body piercer (who uses a professional steel taper kit) or by purchasing your own stretchers in ever-widening sizes.  Stretchers are available in a myriad of colors, sizes and materials.  Whichever way you go, remember, it’s important to be careful when stretching any part of your body and not to go too fast (it’s recommended not to go faster than one size per month) or you can create permanent scar tissue.


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