Where you purchase your body art and body piercing supplies is extremely important.  Through the range of sellers of these types of items, it can be very difficult to find a company that not only provides top quality products, but who also takes sterilization as seriously as you do.  If you are a professional body art technician, you know that when it comes to proper sterilization of tools, needles and body jewelry, it can make or break your career.  That is why you must find a company that clearly represents the methods they use for sterilization and who guarantees the workmanship and quality of their body art supplies.

While most body art supply companies offer similar tools, needles and prep items, there are only a few that actually offer pre-sterilized body jewelry.  Make sure that before you purchase anything kind of body piercing supplies, that you read carefully their policies and sterile procedures, and that they clearly post publicly all spore test results of their equipment on a regular basis.


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