This female body piercing has taken the phrase ‘You need to zip your mouth shut’ to a new level.  Tongue bifurcation, or tongue splitting is an underground and illegal procedure due to the danger involved.   Anyone who splits their tongue risks the chance of hospitalization or paralysis of the tongue.  Even if completed successfully, this type of extreme body modification is even more difficult to reverse, requiring surgery.  We ask your opinion: Cool or Fool?


2 thoughts on “Cool or Fool?”
  1. More likely than not I’d say it hits on the fool side of the spectrum… Still I want a tongue bifurcation soooooooo bad.

  2. Extreme body modifications are not readily available, ordinary piercing studios do not offer them, and they are often cost prohibitive. They require extensive sourcing to find an able practitioner, and in my experience are only undertaken after several months of focused consideration. ~ Of course there are the fools that do it on a whim in their bathroom, but you will notice that it is that it is them not the considerate individuals who seek the assistance of a professional who experience major complications. ~ These mods are the sort that once completed, grant a person greater ownership of their body. ~ COOL

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