Beveled-Tip Body Piercing Needle

When it comes to body piercing, the sharper the needle, the better!  This is because the sharper the needle, the less resistance, or pull, the client feels as it needle penetrates the skin.  Resistance is mainly what is felt in body piercing.  A razor-sharp body piercing needle not only provides less pain for the client, but also creates a cleaner hole.  If a needle is dull, it can pull and tear the skin as it goes through.

In body piercing, professionals use hollow needles that are beveled tip (shown in photo) that is sharpened to medical grade standards and then sterilized with either an autoclave or by gas sterilization method.  These needles are packaged individually (or pouched) for use.  A good tip when piercing is to apply antibacterial lubricating jelly to the shaft of the piercing needle – this eliminates most of the friction that may occur between skin and needle as it slides through.  Body piercing needles and antibacterial lubricating jelly packets are usually found in quality body piercing kits or can be purchased separately online from sellers of body piercing supplies.


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