If you intend to either self pierce, or you have a friend who is going to pierce you, you will need to find a quality body piercing kit to perform the procedure.  Body piercing kits are primarily sold online, through either auctions sites or dedicated web sites of companies that sell tattoo and piercing supplies.

The important things to keep in mind when purchasing a body piercing kit is to get one that has the right types of jewelry, needles and tools included for the piercing you want.  Even more important than that, make sure the body piercing kit is sterile, meaning it includes sterile needles, tools, skin prep AND sterile body jewelry.  Only a very few body piercing kits include sterile body jewelry (that has been sterilized and pouched for use), so be careful not to be ‘fooled’ by kits that claim to be safe that are not.  If you are not sure the body piercing kit you are purchasing includes STERILE BODY JEWERLY, ask the seller.  For an entire line of quality and customizable sterile body piercing kits, click on the link.


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