Un-sterile piercing kit sold on ebay

If you are an apprentice body piercer or have decided to pierce yourself rather than pay someone else to do it, you will need to find a body piercing kit that is sterile and includes the tools, prep and instructions you will need to do the job right.

A fast search will yield many results online and it may appear that the kits offered are all the same.  In fact, body piercing kits vary wildly in price and what they provide.  The main difference (besides price) is that the vast majority of online body piercing kit sellers (ebay included) do not offer the body jewelry pre-sterilized (which is required by law for body piercers in every state).  As of this writing, only two sellers on Ebay offer kits that include sterilized body jewelry, with the rest offering kits that do not include sterilized body jewelry.  Besides the condition of the body jewelry, the other difference is the type of forceps offered; either steel (unsterilized), plastic (usually already sterilized), or the tweezer-type (also may resemble a clothespin) forceps that are not sufficient for most piercings.  Make sure the kit you purchase has sterile body jewelry included, as well as a good pair of professional-grade forceps that are sterilized as well so you will not contaminate the piercing with dirty forceps.  Lastly, try to purchase a body piercing kit that includes video instructions and comprehensive aftercare guidelines to insure a safe and successful piercing.


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