Body Piercing Kit with Sterile Body Jewelry

Self piercing kits are offered by various sellers (mostly online) and contain the basic tools and materials to perform a body piercing.  However, as with most things, all body piercing kits are not created equal.  If you are of legal age to purchase these kits (18 or over) and have decided that you wish to pierce yourself, there are a few things you need to be aware of that truly set piercing kits apart;  sterility of the body jewelry and preparation materials.

To ensure your piercing goes smoothly and with minimal chance of rejection or infection, make sure you purchase a piercing kit that has pre-sterilized body jewelry.  For some reason, most piercing kits sold by retailers do not provide you with sterile body jewelry, which is ridiculous since that is what is actually going into your skin.  Secondly, make sure you purchase a ‘complete’ kit that has benzalkonium chloride pads (not alcohol swabs or wipes because alcohol does not disinfect skin properly like the benz pads do) and has an antibacterial jelly packet (to help lubricate the piercing needle so it doesn’t ‘grab’ the skin on the way through).  Lastly, make sure the piercing kit you purchase has not only aftercare instructions but how-to-pierce instructions so you can see and practice the proper technique needed for the area to be pierced.


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