Professional Body Piercing Kit with Sterile Forceps and Sterile Body Jewelry

If you are somewhat experienced in self-piercing and looking for a good body piercing kit, there are a few things to keep an eye out for that will help you.  First, make sure the kit has the tools, needles and jewelry needed for the type of piercing you wish to perform.  Second, make sure the kit you buy has proper skin preparation materials (i.e. benzalkonium chloride towelettes or other disinfecting wipes) and nitrile (non-latex) gloves.  Third, make sure the body piercing kit you buy has not only sterile needles and sterile forceps (most kits that offer steel forceps are NOT sterilized) but has also pre-sterilized and pouched body jewelry.

If the kit you are looking at does not list the body jewelry as STERILE or ‘pre-sterilized’, it is not sterile and should not be purchased.  The fact that kits are even offered with raw body jewelry is an insult to anyone with intelligence for this reason; what good does it do to use a sterile needle, and sterile forceps if you are going to just shove an unsterilized piece of jewelry into an open wound?  Don’t be fooled by companies that try to sell you kits that are not complete, and not sterile – they are unsafe and should be avoided.  For truly complete and sterile body piercing kits make sure the body piercing kits you purchase include sterile body jewelry.  You can find such kits offered by respected suppliers of piercing tools and supplies.


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