A recent comment made to me was from a concerned mother of a 16 year-old girl who insisted on having her belly pierced.  The problem, the mother explained, was that she had gone to a few tattoo shops and was not ‘comfortable’ with anyone she had met enough to let them piercer her daughter.  “It wasn’t that they were bad people, it’s just that they were mostly male, and looked like they were ex-cons – not one of them did I feel comfortable with around my daughter…”, writes Marie G, of Abilene, TX.

Although piercing a minor is allowed in most states (usually with parental consent mandatory), it can be a challenge to find a piercer that is not a tattoo artist.  As most of us already know, tattoo artists are predominantly male, with many of them (especially the better ones) having learned their craft in prison.  These ex-cons, although talented and very capable of tattooing and body piercing, can have abrupt manners to match their appearance that rub many people the wrong way.  Seek out a body piercer that specializes in body piercing, and who is registered with the health department and who has no problem showing you their sterile body piercing supplies beforehand.  Remember, a tattoo artist is always a tattooist first, and will only do a piercing when they know you aren’t interested in getting a pricey tattoo.  A true body piercing specialist is only interested in piercing, and doing it right every time.


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