Pregnancy Belly Piercing Retainer

Many women assume that one of the sacrifices they will have to make during pregnancy is losing their belly piercing.  Because of the vast changes in skin mass and shape during pregnancy, it becomes virtually impossible to wear standard body jewelry.  Adding to this complication, metallic body jewelry will interfere with routine scans and diagnostic procedures.  It is easy to see why so many women stop wearing their belly rings completely during pregnancy and resign themselves to painful re-piercing after the baby is born.

The perfect solution for this dilemma is a pregnancy belly piercing retainer (shown).  This custom-made piece of body jewelry is completely non-metallic, made of PTFE (a Teflon-like material) for comfortable wear and ease of use.  These retainers come in 1.5 to 2 inch lengths and can be adjusted by cutting them to the length needed and then screwing the self-threading ball ends onto the final piece.  The pregnancy retainer can be worn during the full duration of the pregnancy and does not have to be removed during scans and diagnostic procedures.


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