There’s nothing like a Great Recession to bring out the cheap-skate in people.  If you are in the service industry (like me) you know that when times get tough the penny-pinchers get pinching.  It seems like every day there’s some tight ass coming into my shop asking how much for a piercing and when I tell them my price they react like I’d thrown a bucket of acid on ’em.  Immediately, they start spewing how they can get it cheaper somewhere else, telling me I’m way too expensive, etc. etc.  The problem with this b.s. story is that if that other shop is such a great deal, what the hell are they doing in my shop?

It never fails (after their little tantrum is over), they always end up trying to low-ball me with an amount they are willing to pay, figuring I’m desperate for their business.  Are you kidding me? Not only did this customer just insult me by telling me I’m not worth my fee, but then they want to ‘negotiate’?  Really think about this situation a minute; if you just spent the last five minutes telling a professional piercer how they’re not worth the money,  is it really smart to ask them to pierce you?  I don’t know about you but I know how the subconscious works.  That irritation and anger you feel after something like that (and all those choice obscenities you’ve managed to hold back) just might translate into a not so smooth piercing (if you know what I mean).  When I get hot like that I refuse to pierce anyone.  I’d rather sit through a chick-flick marathon with my eyes pried open (Clockwork Orange style) than help somebody like that.  My usual response to the customer is to suggest they either buy a body piercing kit (and do themselves) or get on their little blue scooter and pedal their butt to that other place that’s so wonderful.  As a kid, my dad had a saying I never understood, he’d say ‘Not all money is good money’.   Now I know exactly what that means.


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