Is this Pokee?

One of my pet peeves as a seasoned body piercer is customers that don’t bother following the aftercare instructions you’ve given to them.  How familiar is this: you’ve just finished a Mona Lisa (that’s what I call a perfect piercing) and you give ’em the run down – they nod their heads with every word you tell them about aftercare – and they leave the shop.  End of story, right?  Wrong!  Next day you get the tearful call that ‘somehow’ the body jewelry ‘fell out’, or they outright tell you they had to take it out.  Are you kidding me?  The only reason to remove a fresh piercing is if there is a raging infection, or if you need to have a medical scan done for an emergency situation – that’s it!

Some piercers just re-charge outright for a ‘redo’, no matter the reason.  Me, I’ll try to force a forgiving grin (even though what I really want to do is stupid-slap them) and try to re-open the hole.  Now if I have to bust out a new pair of forceps or prep, it’s going to cost them.  How much depends on the level of ignorance they’re demonstrating.  Most of the time I charge half of the original piercing cost.   No matter how you handle a re-pierce, remember they are your customer and the idea is to make them want to come back to you in the future (unless you don’t want them to).

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(Next, I show you how not all money is good money…)


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