As with all services, the cost of body piercing depends upon two things; what is being pierced, and the supply and demand of the area you live in for body piercing services.  The average price for a body piercing can run from around $20.00 to as high as $80.00.  Generally, a rule of thumb is; the larger and more impressive the shop, the higher the price.  This is due to the fact that a larger shop with more artists in it has much higher overhead and must charge more to sustain itself.  It is best to make a few phone calls to local shops to get a gauge on what the fee averages, that way you will know the range you are looking at.  When first calling your local body piercing shops, make sure you get quotes that include the body jewelry in the price, and ask if there is any aftercare instructions or materials provided with the service.  Next, go and visit a couple body piercers personally and take note of the cleanliness of the store and demeanor of the staff.  Is that staff at the piercing shop knowledgeable, clean-cut and helpful?  Are the licenses, certifications and vaccination records posted in plain view for each body piercer?

You can also sometimes negotiate the cost of the piercing if you are getting multiple piercings.  Most piercers will give you a discount if you get more than one at a time.  Remember, it isn’t always best to settle for the cheapest price, unless you are sure to receive the same service and benefits for your money as more expensive shops.  Take your time in deciding upon a body piercing shop, until you have found the right one for you.


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