Solid 14K Gold Nose Bone

Body jewelry that is made from solid 14K yellow or white gold always conveys a wearer’s exquisite taste and makes an indelible  fashion statement for anyone willing to pay the price.  Even the smallest nose bones made of solid gold routinely retail upwards of $80.00 or more, with larger pieces, such as nipple shields and belly rings costing many times more.  For some, wearing fine gold body jewelry is not a choice but a necessity due to allergic reactions to nickel and other base metals found in standard metals used in jewelry manufacturing.

Once you have made the decision and purchased a piece of fine body jewelry, the question persists; is it real gold?  If you are unsure of the quality of a piece of jewelry, you can take it to a jeweler for inspection.  Usually, an experienced jeweler can tell if what you have is what you were promised.  Another way to know if something is made of solid gold is it will be stamped on the piece itself with a small ’14K’ (or other purity indicator) etched into the metal.  Even on the smallest nose bones that are solid gold, you will find this stamp on jewelry sold by reputable body jewelry suppliers.


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