When it comes to finding quality body piercing supplies, it can be difficult to find a qualified supplier that is reputable.  The problem is that at first glance, many body art suppliers sites and products look the same.  They aren’t.  Most body piercing kits, for example, are offered by supply companies that do not specialize in body piercing and are just in it to make a buck.

Such inferior kits may include a sterile body piercing needle, but usually do NOT include sterile body jewelry.  How can you tell the kits that have sterile body jewelry from the ones that do not?  It’s easy, if the product description does not SAY it’s sterile, it’s not.  You may ask why a company would offer body piercing kits that have sterile needles and (even) forceps only to provide a non-sterile piece of body jewelry (which defeats the purpose of having anything sterilized) and the answer is that such decision are made out of ignorance (a company does not understand what it is selling) or commerce (sterilizing body jewelry adds greatly to the overall cost of the kit).  Sure, the body piercing kits that include sterile body jewelry might cost a few dollars more than than the unsterile kits do, but aren’t you (or your customers) worth it?


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