Self-piercing kit
Double PTFE Self-Piercing Kit

Did you just recently order a body piercing kit online and are clueless as how to use it?  There seems to be a propensity of body piercing  kits available (especially on ebay) that do not include any kind of instructions, or even aftercare guidelines.  This lack of information to the novice home piercer can lead to (at best) confusing or (at worst) disastrous results.

Bare-bones body piercing kits (without instructions or sterile body jewelry) may save you money in the short term, but if using such a kit leads to an infection (due to the body jewelry not being sterile) or a doctor’s visit, how much did you really save?  Be smart, and safe and look for quality sterile body piercing kits that include instructions, or streaming videos and aftercare guidelines, as well as sterile body jewelry.  It will cost you a few bucks more but aren’t you worth it?


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