There are more than a few myths regarding body piercing that need to be dispelled.  One of these myths is that having your tongue pierced hurts more than any other piercing.  In fact, tongue piercing (when done by a skilled body piercer) actually is one of the least painful piercings you can get, due to the fact that there are very few pain receptors in the middle area of our tongues.

Another prominent myth (spread mostly by body piercers) is that you cannot properly pierce by using a body piercing kit.  The truth is, body piercing (unlike tattooing) does not require ‘talent’ as much as a sterile environment and practice to achieve success.  Body piercing kits can be found that include everything you would need to perform a simple body piercing.  These items include sterile piercing needles, skin preparation, sterile forceps, and of course sterile body jewelry.  If you are in the market for body piercing kits, make sure you choose one that includes sterile body jewelry, or you could have a nasty infection on your hands!


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