Not all body piercing kits are created equal.  In fact, they are not even close.  We took an in-depth look at several companies that offer body piercing kits and supplies and found some startling differences.  The first thing we noted was the amount of companies offering piercing kits that have no experience in body piercing whatsoever.  Such companies are primarily found on ebay or other websites that also sell power tools, clothing, etc.  These sellers thing that they can throw a few things into a bag and call it a piercing kit.  Some kits are actually ear piercing kits with a few piercing needles thrown in.  These are not piercing kits at all, and can be very dangerous to use since they incomplete and are unsterile.

A true body piercing kit offers not only a  sterile needle, sterile tools and skin preparation, but most importantly (and rarely included) is STERILE BODY JEWELRY.  Over 95% of body piercing kits we found for sale did NOT include sterile body jewelry, except for this respected company’s body piercing kits (please click link).  The sad truth is, that even large companies that offer hundreds of types of body art supplies are selling dirty kits, risking you and your clients to potential infection, injury or even death.  Make sure you buy your body art supplies from a company that cares enough to protect you and your clients!


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