Purchasing the right body piercing kit for the piercing you wish to perform is crucial to the success of the piercing.  Although there are a multitude of body piercing kits available on ebay and other online sellers to choose from, these kits differ in fundamental ways that you need to be aware of.

The primary difference in kits sold is that the vast majority of body piercing kits do not feature sterile body jewelry (known in the industry as ‘dirty’ kits).  Why is this?  The main reason is cost.  The use of sterile pouches and an autoclave add greatly to the preparation time and cost to the seller, not to mention the requirements involving spore testing on a regular basis.  Most sellers of body piercing supplies and body piercing kits have avoided the cost and complications of sterilizing body jewelry altogether and will send you raw, loose and unsterilized body jewelry.  Unless you autoclave sterilize your own tools and body jewelry – this is a bad option, since using non-sterile body jewelry is the leading cause of infections and rejection.  The use of non-sterile tools and body jewelry is also illegal in most states.  Using unsterilized body jewelry endangers your client and puts you at risk legally.  While the vast majority of sellers of body piercing kits do not care about these risks to you and your client, there are a few reputable ones that do.  It may cost you a few dollars more for a sterile body piercing kit, but aren’t you and your client worth it?


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