Many people are looking to get a body piercing, but are not entirely comfortable with the idea of going to a tattoo shop to get it done, or are unwilling to pay the price for a professional body piercing.  Although most body piercings should be performed by a professional body piercer, there are many individuals that are choosing to pierce themselves and purchase body piercing kits online.

There are primarily two major differences between body piercing kits sold online; they either include forceps (or not, in which case they are considered ‘free-hand’ kits), or they include sterile body jewelry (or not, which if not sterilized, can cause major infections).  Make sure the body piercing kit you purchase includes sterile body jewelry and the proper skin preparation materials.  We found the best body piercing kits anywhere include sterile body jewelry and streaming how-to videos, as long as printable aftercare instructions.  Click on the link to see these safe and complete body piercing kits.


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