The numbers of people choosing to self-pierce at home with body piercing kits is growing every day.  This trend has been noted and followed the last few years and may be a result of several factors; the tough economic times, lack of competent professional piercers, and safer reasonably priced body piercing kits available.

If you are amongst the people that choose to pierce at home, make sure you are careful when choosing the body piercing kit you use.  As anyone that has looked for a piercing kit knows, the types, quality and price of body piercing kits vary widely.  When choosing a body piercing kit, make sure first and foremost that the kit includes sterile body jewelry (most kits offered on ebay and on the web do NOT include sterile body jewelry).  Next, make sure the kit you purchase has the proper tools and jewelry for the type of piercing(s) you wish to complete.  Lastly, look for kits that also include how-to video instructions and aftercare materials so you will not be left in the ‘dark’ on how to carry out the piercing, nor will you be at a loss on how to take care of the piercing to insure you will not get an infection.  Remember, with anything else, you get what you pay for – the cheapest kits are not always the best – use what is actually included to determine what body piercing kit you purchase, and then follow the directions by the word.  Good luck!


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