If you have tattoos or body piercings, you already know that body art can affect your chances of getting certain jobs.  Many businesses have established clear policies regarding what kinds of body art can be displayed by employees during work hours.  For some companies (such as automotive repair and manufacturing companies), these rules are in place to prevent workplace injuries.  Other companies (like Disney theme parks and other brand-conscious firms) have determined that the display of body art is not conducive to their company ‘image’.  When it comes to the food service industry, many companies only allow ear piercings for obvious reasons.

If getting the job you want means allowing a piercing to close, that is up to you.  But if getting the job means removing a tattoo, that can be a very expensive and painful undertaking.  One of the things you should always think about when getting a tattoo is the effects it could have on your choice of career.  If you are unsure how any new body art would be received at your place of work, it’s best to hold off until you have had a chance to discuss it with your boss.  Honesty is always the best policy, especially at the initial interview.  Rather than hide the fact you have piercings or other body art that you ‘think’ your future boss might have an issue with, it is always better to discuss the issue during the interview.  That way, you will know if the company has policies against wearing body jewelry (or tattoos) and you can decide if the job is right for you.


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