There are many companies online that tout various kinds of educational courses in subjects as diverse as automotive repair to medical transcribing.  Although all such courses have some value in that they will build your knowledge of the area you wish to proceed in, not all of them are accredited in the industries they specialize in.  One of the prerequisites necessary to be a professional body piercer and tattoo artist, is to complete what is called Bloodborne pathogen training.  This course deals with disinfection and sterilization requirements required by Health Departments for body art technicians, and must be completed annually in most states for a body artist’s license to be valid.

The truth is that for the County of Los Angeles (and many, many other jurisdictions) there is not a single one of these online Bloodborne Pathogen courses that are considered legitimate nor are there any online courses that are ‘approved’ by Health Department in the United States.  It won’t matter if you show ‘proof’ that you completed one of these courses, as far as the Health Department is concerned, if the course is not one that they have ‘approved’, you are out of luck!  Operators of these courses are aware of this and are operating unethically if they claim you will fulfill your legal requirement by taking their course.  To become a professional body piercer requires first obtaining and familiarizing yourself with the proper body piercing supplies, and then completed your apprenticeship period (where you learn how to use the various tools and materials used for body piercing).  When you are ready to become certified, the best thing to do is to contact the Health Department directly in your area and ask for their list of accredited and ‘approved’ Blood-borne Pathogen Classes.  The only thing that will vary is the price and the dates the classes are offered.  Usually, it involves a day or two of in class instruction that involves making sure you understand the techniques used to disinfect and sterilize tools, surfaces, etc. as well as proper disposal of hazardous waste.  You will be given a certificate of completion that will be recognized as fulfillment of the requirement for the Health Department.  Doing it the right way, taking an approved and accredited course will keep you from wasting your time and money.


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