Banana Chandelier Belly Ring with CZ Gems

There are many sellers on the web claiming to offer customers wholesale prices, when in fact, they are retailers.  True sellers of wholesale body jewelry receive their products factory-direct and offer products at prices that are below retail prices.  You can use comparison shopping sites to see if the piece you want to purchase is priced competitively.  Many times you will find that the term ‘wholesale’ is being used as a marketing ploy to catch your interest, yet in fact the seller is a retailer. The truth is that basically everybody in the body jewelry business buys from the same handful of factories in Asia that produce these items.  The ones that purchase more get a better price than the companies that purchase small quantities.  What determines the price of body jewelry is dependent upon the cost to the seller and the desired profit margin.

Incredibly, there are resellers that falsely claim to be manufacturers of body jewelry.  Why do they do this?  Mainly it is to trick the buyer into a false sense of value.  Since most people have no idea where body jewelry is made, this tactic has been used successfully on more than a few consumers.  Unless it is a custom (one of a kind and highly priced) items, and the company is located in Asia or India, you can be 99% sure they are NOT a manufacturer.  The fact is, virtually all body jewelry on the market today is manufactured overseas.  There are companies that may commission the design of certain  pieces, but that is not the same as being a manufacturer.  If you are not sure where a seller stands, feel free to contact them directly.


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